19 Miniatures During COVID-19

Nineteen Miniatures During COVID-19 is a project in response to the pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the COVID-19 disease. The purpose of these miniatures is to create a commentary about the events surrounding the crisis, to support healthy habits during this time, and to provide new music in a way that can be experienced in a world in which concert halls are not safe. The set includes a total of nineteen miniatures for instruments including piccolo, clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, horn, trumpet, piano, guitar, fixed media, violin, viola, violoncello, and double bass.

This set, as a whole, has been quite the journey. The idea started when my friend, Audrey Pirtle, began a music Facebook page and posted about what people would like to see her post. I asked if she would like to record a new miniature composition for her page. What followed was her and several other takers interested in miniature compositions. From this, I realized there was pent up demand for such pieces; so, I decided to expand from the initial small set I had garnered from my friend’s post. I made a post myself with the intention of filling the remaining performer slots until I had 19 performers for nineteen miniatures (to coincide with the name of the disease). The interest on that post was immediate. Within, just a couple hours all the slots were filled. I even had to turn performers away!

I had originally intended, in March, to finish the set within a month; and, what a naïve thought that was. It quickly became apparent that I needed more time. In the end, this set has taken me until September to finish. However, it is quite large overall. The nineteen compositions span approximately an hour combined.

Through this process, among many things, I learned to be more patient with myself. While the miniatures came quickly at first, the state of the world and the sheer amount of composing I had set into motion soon began to wear on me. I had to realize that despite all this Free? Time (the title of the fifth miniature)we have during this year, that it can be hard to focus given everything going on. I might be able to wrap every single miniature into a nice statement, but this note has already dragged on.

Lastly, I would like to thank each one of my performers dearly for their help with this process, namely: Audrey Pirtle, Drew Joseph Hosler, Jacob Wolf, Bernadette John, Hila Zamir, Andrew Moore, Harrison J. Collins, Maddy Peters, Humay Gasimzade, and Kalindi True. This project would have never happened without each and every one of them; and, I cannot thank them enough for their time, talents, and invaluable friendship!

When people come together it is incredible what we may achieve, be it a large musical endeavor or saving lives through coming together to protect public health!

1. Social Distancing (2020) | Clarinet | 3 minutes

2. Wash Your Hands (2020) | Tenor Saxophone | 2 minutes | Bandcamp link

3. Grocery Clerk, Essential, but Forgotten (2020) | Clarinet | 3 minutes

4. Meditation (2020) | Clarinet | 3 minutes

5. Free? Time (2020) | Clarinet | 2 minutes

6. Solitude (2020) | Guitar | 4 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

7. Stasis (2020) | Alto Saxophone | 4 minutes

8. Reflections (2020) | 2 Clarinets | 6 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

9. Uncertainty (2020) | Piccolo | 3 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

10. Expanding Horizons (2020) | Bassoon | 4 minutes

11. Black Lives Matter: When Words Fall Short… (2020) | Violoncello | 5 minutes

12. Lament (2020) | Horn | 4 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

13. A Short Stroll (2020) | Double Bass | 2 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

14. Final Boss (2020) | Piano | 3 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

15. Final Boss-Final Phase (2020) | Fixed Media | 4 minutes

16. Broken Dance (2020) | Trumpet | 3 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

17. Only ME! and No One Else (2020) | Clarinet | 5 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

18. Elegy (2020) | Viola | 5 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

19. Hope (2020) | Violin | 7 minutes

[Recording coming soon]

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